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what to wear dance lessons


Dear Family Members of Peninsula Ballet School,

As a valued member of our dance family, we wanted to reach out regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our community and families.

We would like to reassure you that we are adhering to the Australian Government Department of Health’s guideline as the health and wellbeing of our students, their families and our staff are our top priority. We will continue to monitor and implement the local, state, and federal recommendations as they’re announced.

We take pride in our facility and how it operates and would like to highlight the policies we have in place at the studio to help our dance families stay healthy and safe.

Prevention Steps in the Studio:

  • Sanitizer: As you may be aware, sanitizer is currently difficult to obtain. We are trying to source sanitizer but please feel free to bring a personal supply, especially if you or your child have allergies to soap products.
  • Handwashing: We encourage frequent handwashing (for at least 20 seconds before rinsing).
  • Discouraging close contact: We have adjusted certain aspects of our classes to ensure dancers are not in too close of proximity. We will not be giving hugs or hi-fives and are asking dancers to skip those as well.
  • Surface Cleaning: We are wiping down frequently touched surfaces and equipment.
  • Deep Cleaning: Each weekend we are deep cleaning the studio.
  • Sneezes and Coughs: We are encouraging dancers to cough and sneeze into their arms, not in their hands.
  • Staff: Only staff feeling well (without symptoms) will be in the studio.

How you can help:

  • Don’t bring toys into our facility from home and let your children know props (eg: Scarves and teddies) will not be used in class.
  • All students should come to class with a labelled water bottle (this must not be shared).
  • Students can wear dance shoes, rather than barefoot for classes such as Contemporary.
  • Remind children to avoid physical contact with other students or teachers.
  • Encourage frequent handwashing.
  • Don’t send your child to the studio sick or if a family member is sick.
    • Children missing a class due to illness will be granted a make-up session
  • Don’t break any formal quarantine/government restrictions.
  • Encourage your child to cough and sneeze into their arm not in their hand.
  • Alert us if your child does have COVID-19 and have been to the studio within the last 14 days so we can contact their peers.

As COVID-19 continues to be part of our daily conversations, we know that children will be talking about it too. Here are two pediatrician approved resources you can use to help them understand what is happening. Please review the materials before sharing with your children to ensure they are age-appropriate. Brain Pop and NPR are just two of the many resources out there.

In the coming days and weeks, we will continue to monitor the situation and pass along any pertinent information we gather.

At this time Peninsula Ballet School remains open unless or until directed otherwise. Each family is encouraged to make their own decision about coming to the studio, please do what you feel comfortable with and what makes the most sense for you and your family.

The well-being of our students and families is a top priority! Please know that we are here to address any concerns or issues and are happy to hear from you on additional ways we can keep our community healthy!

Cate Preston
0407 302 441

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