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Hi Every-One,

Here are the important dates for Term 4 2023, leading up to our fun concert, so you can plan ahead and put them into your diary and on your fridge now.

The concert time is the highlight of the year, but for all our newest families please don’t worry, we will help you settle in and ease you into this. It can be a very busy time of the year so we will try to keep it as straight forward as possible, but please feel free to chat to any of our friendly team of staff, if you have any queries. We have many parents of the older students, who are also very happy to discus things to help you at this time of year, as we all want this to be a special time for all our families.

Our Concert Handbook will be sent out to you soon. It gives more detail about each important date, so you have all the basic info to refer back to, all in one place. Some final details may come later, as we work out how much time each class is needed on each day, so keep your eyes peeled on your emails from us, for your own ‘Concert Handbook’ coming soon.

It has been so wonderful seeing all your happy smiling faces back for Term 4 and we can’t wait to perform at the ‘George Jenkins Theatre’ at Monash University Frankston, again this year – our special ‘home’ theatre we have been performing in since 1975! (this is the schools 49th year)… Wow!

PBS Important Dates (OCT 2023).pdf

Happy dancing!

Miss Cate

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