Millini Mule

Ballet, Tap & Jazz

Millini started ballet at the age of 2 with the Peninsula Ballet School in 2005. Continuing to study ballet under instruction from Miss Cate Preston has been instrumental in setting the foundations for Millini’s growth and love of dance.

In 2019, she was awarded the 1st place PBS Scholarship for outstanding personal progress in dance.

Millini is passionate about the arts and has expanded into styles such as jazz, contemporary, and tap. It is this growth that provided the opportunity to join the Spark Youth Dance Company in 2019, performing that year. Millini continues to explore opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience of the arts.

She started as an assistant teacher in 2018, giving her the ability to expand her dancing knowledge. She is excited to start teaching in 2021 at PBS and pass on her passion for dancing to the next generation.

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