Five Essential Items For Dance Students

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What to pack in your ballet or dance bag?

Dance bags tend to get overfilled, so how much of that stuff is necessary?

Below we have listed items you should have in your ballet bag. Your go-to list of supplies will be different depending on your individual needs and the type of dance you do, however there are a few items that are commonly found throughout dancers of all disciplines and ages.

Please find below the list of must-haves:

  1. Reusable water bottle
    Exercise is thirsty work and it’s important to stay hydrated, regardless of your dancers age please check that they bring a full water bottle to class. Staying hydrated throughout class or at a concert to ensure maximum performance and having a water bottle to hand during class minimises interruptions. teachers quickly become frustrated by students who are constantly asking to be excused so they can leave the room or rehearsal space to get a drink!
  2. A snack
    While students are encouraged not to eat during lessons, having something in your bag for yourself or your child can be very helpful particularly for younger students. Dancing is a high energy sport and most children are ready for something to eat the moment their class wraps up. Having something healthy to hand will prevent a trip through the drive-through on the way home. It is encouraged to pack a full lunch box for concert rehearsals, so students can snack between dances to keep their energy levels up. Please check with their teachers or read concert communication to confirm foods that should be avoided as trace element’s may affect students with allergies or may not be eaten near or in costumes.
  3. Hair ties
    Each style of dance has a different requirement for hair, but keeping hair pulled back is essential so there are never enough hair ties!Please keep extra hair ties and pins as they are easily lost, and it can be very distracting to have to continue a class if one breaks.Similarly, a small can of hairspray kept in your dance bag can be a lifesaver.
  4. Spare uniform
    It always helps to have an extra leotard and set of tights handy as they are so important.There is nothing worse than getting ready to step out on stage, only to realise you have a run in your tights from ankle to hip.
  5. Deodorant
    Not so much for young dancers… but older dancers need a sports-quality deodorant for top ups during long hours at the studio, especially during summer.
  6. The right dance bag and a few extras…
    Stay organised by having a reliable, good quality bag for your dance gear.Keep your spares in it so you can grab it as you rush out the door including band aids, a stretch bandage and a power bar are some good just-in-case supplies to keep in your bag.Place a separate, soft bag inside your dance bag for shoes and one for dirty, sweaty clothes. You may even be able to find a bag with a separate compartment for these. A slightly large pair of tracksuit pants and a hoodie are helpful items for dancers in a hurry. They can be thrown on over a dance uniform before or after class to prevent the need to get changed at the studio. A warm wrap to wear between lessons or turns and a towel will also come in handy for all dancers. In winter, remember to rug up when leaving a warm studio for the Winter weather outdoors. A pair of ‘warm-up’ boots are easy to slip on after class and can even be popped on over shoes for a fast getaway.
    Wash bag
    Please remember dance-wear can be delicate so washing your clothes in a lingerie bag is very helpful. Putting tights securely in a bag like this will help prevent them from getting ladders from the washing machine. As tights aren’t cheap, this investment can get more life from them.
Ready to give dance a try?

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